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Beach Cruiser Bikes - They Are Back!   by Miss Gift Ideas

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Beach Cruiser Bikes are definitely back! However, they aren't just for the beach anymore. You can see people riding them in town, out on the boardwalks, school campuses, bike trails, and of course, they do still ride them on the beach.

The Beach Cruiser Bike has grown in popularity for all ages and in every type of community. You can see entire families out riding their cruisers together, or retired couples taking up bike riding. People are using them for commuting to work or school and instead of taking the car to the coffee shop or to the store, they take their bike. It is definitely the "in thing."

Unlike back in the 1950's, there are many colors and styles to choose from. They come in different sizes too, from young children to older adults. With the wide tires, they are still great for riding on the beach as well as on pavement. The seats are saddle seat design, which means they are wider. Most come with a memory foam type cushion which really adds to the comfort. Another great feature with most of the Beach Cruisers is the frame, forks and rims are made of aluminum, which makes them virtually rust proof, perfect for the beach environment.

Accessories are also available to customize your Beach Cruiser. Choose from different color seats, there is a huge selection of basket liners to personalize your bike with, you can get different type horns or beach ball style ringers, just about anything you can think of. This is about the only style bike that people really go all out to "decorate" to give it their own unique signature.

The Beach Cruisers are meant for semi flat ground, however, there are some that have 3 speed controls which helps in hilly areas. But they are not meant for steep or mountain type of biking.

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