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Fitness Equipment Overview: The Horizon Fitness Comfort 408 Recumbent Exercise Bicycle

Undoubtedly, the majority of people cold stand to do a little more exercising. Both medical and fitness authorities recommend 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times per week, so it’s important to choose the right exercise modality. This will ensure you stay interested and engaged in your exercise regimen, whether it’s modest or grand. If you are starting off on an exercise programme, it is smart to pick a type of workout which is simple to perform, but still provides a lot of strength and cardiovascular advantages. Is anything more simple than riding a bike? Riding in a semi-reclined position of course! Continue on to discover more facts on this remarkable fitness equipment constructed by Horizon Fitness, the Comfort 408 recumbent model.

Fitness Equipment: About Recumbent Exercise Bicycles

When you ride a recumbent bike, you sit in a comfortable seat and extend your legs out horizontally to engage the pedals. You execute this exercise horizontally not vertically. This means there’s no need to sit upright as you would on a traditional bike. You merely place yourself in the seat which has a lot of back support, and start pedalling. No pressure at all is placed on the body and no fighting to keep yourself balanced on an upright exercise bicycle. The soothing position urges you to follow through on your exercise routine and maybe to challenge yourself even more.

Fitness Equipment: Additional Information on The Comfort 408 Recumbent Bicycle

Just as all superior pieces of fitness equipment, this Horizon Fitness recumbent model comes with every element you would anticipate getting from every respected trade name. You can purchase it for close to £525; nevertheless, you should look for it Online on special for close to £450, and that would save you £75.00. For that price, you’ll get a durable and reliable exercise bike that will continue to challenge you as you become fitter. This bike contains a flywheel weighing 4.5kg, and features a great assortment of 8 resistance levels. Since it is essential to maintain your heart rate in an accurate zone while working out, the Comfort 408 gauges the pulse through sensors located in the hand grips. In addition, the cycle has an inbuilt Polar heart rate receiver that works with and optional Polar chest strap transmitter.

Fitness Equipment: More Details on the Horizon Fitness Comfort 408 Recumbent Bike

This exercise bicycle will support a maximum user weight of 136kg and requires a mains power connection. The comfortable seat and base are ergonomically designed and the seat features a lumbar support. The capacity of the Comfort 408 is 168 x 64 x 132cm (L x W x H). The oversized pedals are fitted with straps to allow a pulling as well as a pushing motion. The bike weighs 48kg. It features a big, dot matrix LCD display in addition to direct resistance keys. This display tells you parameters on heart rate, resistance level, distance, speed, time, and calories. The 8 incorporated programmes assure a great workout range.

For a trouble-free, no-impact manner in which to workout, the Horizon Fitness Comfort 408 recumbent bike is certainly a piece of fitness equipment which give users every possible advantage, yet not any of the negative aspects of cycling.

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