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Carbon Block One Of The Earth's Ancient Water Filtration Methods

Carbon is an ancient natural water filter, dating back to Ancient Egyptian times. Today it is commonly used as a household purification system ( usually as some kind of attachment to the kitchen tap ), a pre-treatment for reverse osmosis purification systems and in city water treatment facilities.

Naturally a porous material, carbon essentially absorbs pollutants of a certain size. Some carbon block filters can filter out pollutants as small as 0.5 microns, while others struggle to catch anything smaller than twenty microns. It can effectively filter organic pollutants and chlorine.

Though they use the same elementary principle, the carbon block purifying system is mostly an over-achiever compared to its bro, the activated granular carbon purification system. The explanation for this is that carbon blocks usually have a greater surface area, thus enlarging the rate of adsorption. The flow rate is another main factor in effective water filtration systems : the longer the water takes to go through the filter, the longer it has to absorbs more pollutants and the cleaner the eventual product will be.

Carbon block filters are usually employed in point-of-use household systems. Dependent on the water quality in the area, carbon block filters are comparatively effective at providing safe drinking water in the home. As technology improves, the filtering systems are getting more trusty, and most carbon block filter now how a three-stage system to guard against pollutants filtering thru due to high water pressure. However , carbon block filters are ineffectual at removing minerals and most bacteria from the water, so their effectiveness is dependent upon the first water quality.

Carbon block purification systems are relatively cost-effective and ecological. There is no need for electricity as the block uses the natural water pressure to filter. Carbon is relatively inexpensive, so it's not the most costly purification technology available, but neither is it the cheapest. Most carbon block purification systems need replacement about annually, taking water from approximately four to eight cents per gallon. However the massive greenbacks are spent on getting in a pro plumber to install and replace the system.

Basically, carbon block filtration is an effective option for household use, but isn't failsafe and does not provide you with portable water purification. Few carbon block filters are applicable for hiking, camping or travelling. For water purification systems you can take with you, choose a water purification system bottle like the SureAquaBottle that uses reverse osmosis microfiltration technology to remove 99.9999% of bacteria, or take a look at the rest of the SureAqua range to find the correct water purifying system to fit your wants.

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