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Folding Mountain Bike Review - Dahon Jack   by Charlie McFarlane

The Jack of Two Trades: Road/Touring Bike meets Folding Commuter Bike


I'm stoked about this bike. There's a reason this folding commuter bike is in such high demand, it's good at what it does. This little beauty is Dahon's more economic answer to their popular Dahon Matrix Folding Mountain Bike.

You know I'm working an office job in the city these days and need to commute from the suburbs until I can score my own place downtown so this gem of a folder is right up my alley. I can burn over to my local train station from my house in 15 minutes and at 26 lbs it's easily light enough to throw under my arm and hop on board. Next stop, my cubicle, (luckily for me my boss let's me keep it in my cube, she's cool if the job's not) and when the wheels are folded together it's small and discreet enough to not attract much attention and safe enough to keep thieves at bay. To be honest I'm looking to escape cubicle city asap so when I weave through traffic from train station to office, I realize not only is this rocking little number stylish but it's tough and well-put-together too.


There are so many, where do I start:

* This folding commuter bike is tough, robust and handles city riding without a fuss

* It's stylish, hey why shouldn't I look good when I ride

* Quick folding, five seconds as good as advertised

* Reasonable size, as a road/touring bicycle it fits comfortably in my buddy's car

* Safety, sharing a pad with 3 dudes, locks up safe in our apt and secure in my room


I'm scratching my head over this one and the only thing I can come up with is the handle bars. I prefer the bars to fold down like on the 2004 espresso rather than having to slacken them off with an Allen key then rotate them around to line up with the frame. Only a minor

Recommended: Go for it! Get jacked about riding your bike and living your life.

The Dahon Jack let's you commute with ease and when you return to the burbs at the weekend it offers a smooth, comfortable ride on strong 26' wheels. This road/touring bicycle masquerading as a folding commuter bicycle is the answer to life's questions.

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